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Optometrist look after your eyes and make sure you can see clearly by visiting your optometrist regularly your optometrist is qualified to take the health of your eyes they will start by asking why you are visiting about your eyes and general health any symptoms you're experiencing and if you wear glasses or contact lenses they'll check your vision eye coordination and will test your eyes to see if you need glasses they will also check the health of your 

Eye Doctor Near me for signs of disease and may be able to spot signs of other health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure if there is a change in your vision and you do need some correction your optometrist or one of their colleagues call the dispensing of petition will fit you with glasses or contact lenses that suit your needs lifestyle and fashion sense if your optometrist does find a more serious health issue or eye condition they may need to refer you to an expert there's quickly an optometrist with a higher qualification your GP or a doctor who specializes in

Eye Care called an ophthalmologist ophthalmologists usually work in hospitals so you may need to visit your local hospital for this follow-up appointment optometrists study for at least four years learn to check the health of your eyes and how to make sure you can see clearly once qualified they continue learning and may study for higher qualifications that will enable them to prescribe medicines or to help develop their knowledge of certain conditions such as glaucoma you will usually visit an 

Optometrist in a high street practice and they should always be your first port of call for any eye related concerns this gets more important as you get older especially when you are over 40 or if people in your family have eye conditions you could also see an optometrist in a hospital setting or at home if you're unable to travel to their practice on your own some of Tama tourists work in research - your optometrist so much more thanks you  

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